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Shark Week Boy Brief

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Shark Week Boy Brief: A sexy, feminine version of the classic boy brief by American Apparel®. Authentic fly and soft elastic waistband. Available in Black with White Trim or Red with White Trim. Click here for more info.

Olive and Indigo

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Olive & Indigo: Unique, hand made eye catching jewelery that says a lot with little words. Click here to view all products.


period_view_petition_icon-400According to the majority of States in the US necessities of life include chewing gum and lobster. You know what they don’t include? Feminine hygiene products. For every pack of gum sold that is not affected by sales tax, there is a woman paying up to 10% in sales tax for her box of tampons and pads. Can someone please design a candy bar that doubles as a tampon? No?

Period Glossary

Period Glossary

We have compiled a list of over 35 common terms associated with tracking your period. From Amenorrhea to the Vulva, we keep you informed about things you need to know. View the terms here.

Teen Corner

Teen Corner

Get advice and info designed just for teens. Tips to stay healthy, product guides and your questions are answered here – even the embarrassing ones. So don’t be shy and check out Teen Corner.

Basal Body Temperature

Basal Body Temperature

Whether you are trying to prevent or achieve pregnancy, charting your cycle can help. As you go through your cycle, your body gives you indications about when you are ovulating. Click here for more info.

Interesting Stuff

Interesting Stuff

Having your period is no laughing matter…but it seems a lot of people have found humor in it. Handpicked and updated regularly by our Fertility Council staff, go here for some funny stuff!

Free Period View™ Smart Phone App: Download Today!

Period View™ is a sophisticated calendar-based tool designed to help you keep track of your menstrual periods, fertile days, ovulation and predict upcoming periods. This app also helps you chart your Basal Body Temperature. The data collected from your input is easily available – you can even email your data to your practitioner for their review. Now available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Portuguese. For more information on this app, click here or download it now in the following app stores:

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